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All corporations and limited liability companies registered in Ohio are required by Ohio law to appoint a “Statutory Agent” — a person or entity designated to receive important notices and documents from governmental agencies, courts, and others.

Purpose of Black River

Black River Corporate Services, Inc. was created by Wickens Herzer Panza to serve as a Statutory Agent.

Agent’s Responsibilities

As Statutory Agent, Black River will ensure that time-sensitive mail and important notices are accounted for and delivered to you in a timely fashion.


Sometimes a Statutory Agent is named as a party or a witness in a lawsuit brought against the company. Courts typically do not hold Statutory Agents liable under these circumstances, but such lawsuits can result in significant legal defense costs and require substantial amounts of time.

No Cost Defense

In the event that Black River is sued in its capacity as Statutory Agent, you and your company will not be responsible for paying the cost of defending Black River in such a lawsuit and will not be liable for judgments against Black River for serving as Statutory Agent.

Confidential Information

Ensure confidential information is kept confidential by limiting your employees’ contact with state and court notices.

Preserve Personal Privacy

The name and address of a company’s Statutory Agent is a matter of public record and viewable online.  Because that information is readily available to the general public, some clients utilize Black River to preserve their personal privacy.


Full Year, Annual . . . . . . . . . . . . . $250
Prorated First & Last Years . . . . . $50 – $230
(dependent on month of registration or replacement)

More Information

For more information, please contact us by email to SBarsan@WickensLaw.com or at one of our office locations.



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